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In the middle of unpredictable weather in the city, heavy workloads and financial struggles caused by economic forces beyond individual control with the lockdowns announcements repeatedly, The danger of mental health disturb will be a living fact. Not just the issue to the family’s supervisor But also to the rest members.

According to the studies done by the German Medical Association’s official international bilingual science journal “Deutsches Ärzteblatt International”, Urbanization is one of the main health-relevant changes humanity is facing in our time, and will be facing in the coming decades. Today more than 50 percent of the global population is living in cities; by 2050, this rate will increase to nearly 70 percent with more than 50 percent of the urban population living in cities of over 500 000 inhabitants. With growing urbanization, more and more people are exposed to risk factors originating from the urban social (e.g. poverty) or physical environment (e.g. traffic noise), contributing the body’s baseline levels of arousal, stress, and preparedness with depression and anxiety which drive  people to seek relief: quiet, private spaces; over time this urge may evolve into social isolation associated with depression and anxiety, and also forms the basis of the ecological hypothesis of schizophrenia.

For those reason a Life in a Farmhouses of your own will be a good opportunity to save your mental health and your family, with simple activities


*Geographical Reasons as the fresh green views to wild up your mind for the

sports activities and Fresh air helps to send plenty of oxygen through the blood and allows your lungs to work at full capacity. Plus, oxygen to your brain means more brain power. So, if you know you have to be inside for most of the day, at least making time for short breaks where you can pop outside for a breath of fresh air every so often. With few moments soaking up some sunshine, feeling your toes in the grass can provide relief from depression symptoms.

*Psychological Reasons as reconnecting with family and friends away from the deadly cities routine, a place were  you can plan some evening gatherings in the farm House such as THE BBQ therapy and fire camp, nothing better more than a happy reconnected family reaching out with each other  with no communication barriers and a full stomach with BBQ.

Do not hesitate to save yourself and your dears from the Urbanizations, book your Farm House for a better future, a happy family with adopting the organic green Life.

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