We need to take hard decisions and risks to secure our tomorrow

Buying a land is a tough decision, investing your hard-earned money in an unknown place is difficult decision but we help and assist our clients to make decisions right for them, we don’t sell we just explain how and why their investments will grow at locations we are offering, we provide comprehensive information so you can make better decision what is good for you.

We suggest options with best of our knowledge, understanding, ground reality and based on our experience.

Welcome to Universal Marketing & Management Group Islamabad, a company proudly serving to national and international clients with their property needs since 2014, worked with different projects including Eighteen Islamabad, Park View City, Bahria Enclave, High-rise projects with renowned builders and specialized in Farmhouse selling. 

Please read everything carefully, this is a matter for your life, your hard-earned money, a futuristic decision for your loved ones. A decision for your better tomorrow.

Understanding your need and suggesting you the relevant options

If you are planning to invest or looking for a big land you are at the right place, if you are looking for an apartment, a small plot size, a property to build your house or for commercial purpose we can help & assist better projects and locations with valuable information to make better decision.

Let’s have a quick chat for any of your inquiry.

We believe we both have precious time so we will be straightforward in our dealings.

Why Green Hills?

Green Hills Farms is a Farmhouse project spread over 300 Kanals located in the foothills of Murree & Galyat region, a beautiful landscape, a pleasant weather covered with lush green mountains, forever forests, breathtaking views of Simly Dam and a place in the lap of nature. A project with many future benefits like highest return on investment because of Tourism Highway project, a zone declared a new tourism zone, planning of mega projects in close proximity, very close to city, just 15 minutes’ drive from Bahria Enclave, Park View City, Naval Farmhouse and Gulberg Islamabad and 30 minutes from Blue Area, Islamabad.

Investment that Grows, guaranteed ROI within a year

Green Hills is located on Tourism Highway, a 65 KM road connecting New Murree with Islamabad, Gulberg via Japan Road, Kotli Sathian; declared as new Tourism Zone with multiple future plans to develop the area for tourism activities.

After completion of the road the prices will increase upto 60%. Best time to invest. 3, 4 & 5 Kanal Farmhouse plots on 2 years installments plan, ready to possession and construction with all basic amenities.

Farmhouse is trending

People’s, Investors and Buyers interests shifted to Farmhouse rather than investing in small plots because people believe they can buy a farmland in price of a small plot but investing in big land is more profitable and provide highest return on investment rather than a small plot. 

Ready to construct Possession Ready Plots on Installments

Every project doesn’t offer possession and permission for construction during installments but we do. We believe during your payment plan you can construct your property slowly and gradually, it’s really difficult to construct because of higher prices, shortage of quality labour, shortage of time and resources so we encourage and support if you are planning to construct right after your down payment.

An asset that guarantee profit, best saving plan, highest ROI

We cannot save money today, whatever we earn we spend to maintain our lifestyle, we are not saving anything for future, the only choice left is forced saving. A property on installment can save your money, you can save penny by penny and can build asset which assure a better tomorrow when you need a big money, to marry your daughter, for higher education of your son, for the comfortable old age with your partner, a source for your happiness to travel around the globe in your retired life.

Property grows organically, you don’t need to do anything to maximize your profit, offer highest return on your savings and investments. 

Locations where nature speaks, assure a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone likes to live in nature, a place where they can enjoy a quality time with family, a place where they can cultivate & grow organic food and vegetables that offer a better and healthy life free from diseases.

A place where you can enjoy better weather, fresh air, far from Hussle and bustle of city life, quit and calm.

Green Hills is located in a natural landscape, surrounded with lush green mountains, accessible from multiple routes and just 15 to 30 minutes’ drive from twin cities makes it ideal for investment or construction of your farmhouse. 

Opportunity to grow organic food

We all know the quality of food we are eating every day, tasteless fruit, chemically treated vegetables, milk and meat from injected animals, adulterated food items, we better know.

If we have a farmland even as small as 3 Kanal we can grow some fruits, vegetable for everyday use, can raise animals for meat, mutton, beef, chicken etc.

Something to eat assure a healthy life, less diseases, full of energy, nutrient, tasty and fresh. It’s the need of time for the betterment of our beloveds.   

A big place for family to play, enjoy swimming, privacy, have fun with friends and family

We can just live in a house, we can’t enjoy living in a house without many features like a big lawn to enjoy evenings, swimming pool, some trees, flowers, outside kids play area, a place for exercise.

We can’t afford all these features in a small house located in the middle of the city. We need farmhouse to spend quality time with friends and family, a private place for your inner peace, relaxation and connect with nature, a place for to nourish your body, mind and soul. A place where you enjoy bird’s chirping, sunset and sunrise, fresh air, enjoy Bar B.Q  & spend quality time with your loved once, to collect memories you can never forget. 

An asset which is secure, growing, affordable today legally secure because the transfer of ownership

A real estate is the only asset growing every passing day, the land is shirking, everyone is busy purchasing lands suitable for their future and for multipurpose.

You can buy a land, can transfer ownership, secure with possession and boundary wall and wait for its optimal growth. 

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