The lock-down due to covid has changed people in a way they start viewed homes in Urban areas is a cause of struggle. They seek Fresh air, isolated lifestyle changes, more of family bonding activities, work from and study from home have are now the focus.

The vertical expansion of buildings is also somewhere causing suffocation state in terms of peace. Away from the hustle bustle of these urban located areas, People have started to invest in getaway or weekend homes,farm house plots  in locations that are area, where they can live a free life.


  1. An affordable and easy holiday access : 


Nothing can match up to the feeling of spending a wonderful weekend in your own farmhouse. The greatest benefit of owning own it is accessibility of taking a holiday whenever you want. At any time and Moreover the natural resources as, the hills, forests, forts, adventures, and valleys all are within your reach. There is No need to spend time and money on travel, hotels, etc.



  1. New fixable source of income :


Some sees that owning a weekend farmhouse would be costly and maintaining it can be hard responsibility, well this is easy and effective solution. Converting the property into a fixable source of income by renting it our as a vacation or weekend site. Register the property on the travel/vacation websites. Investing in a farmland plot and farmhouse for weekend getaways near ISLAMABAD is a profitable gain.



  1. Security does Matter :


With dangerous increase  in the number of cases as murder and theft  among all fear has also spread fast , people in metros and other urban pockets have hit the path of reverse migration, keen to be back in their villages, where it is open and living can be  freer. A rethink of their urban lifestyle and a keen interest to get back to their hometowns and back to their roots is evident. Many weekend home owners’ businessmen, bureaucrats and officers have moved out of ISLAMABAD and other cities, and are living in their farmhouses.

                Oriental Designed Farm house inspired by CASABLANCA




Most of our customers chooses farm house because they need greenery, quiet and open spaces for their children to run, a swimming pool to beat of ISLAMABAD heated life and a big open space to receive friends, organize barbecues and be at peace without any neighbors to be bothered or worried about. If you need the above-mentioned criteria for a peaceful life, you are a perfect candidate to go for a farm house!

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